Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Version 0.L37

Minor tweaks and fixes done for this version. Remember to get the zoomhack values right.

Latest version here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting the correct memory values for Zoom Hack

Open Cheat Engine

Instead of "4 Bytes" , use "Float"

Go outside of City in Central Asia.

Zoom in as much as you can, than search for Float "2".
Zoom out as much as you can, than search for Float "10".

Repeat until you get 4 values, replace them in memory.ini

After that, change the zoom level in Config.ini to 35

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Alright, there are quite a bit of changes in the version prior to Atlantica Online latest patch.

Firstly, do note that the life, sit and inventory addresses will no longer need to be copied to config.ini
Instead, they are to be written in memory.ini

The methods of retrieving the hex values remain the same.

Version L.027
Latest Version here

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Atlantica Online Bot v0.K

Latest Atlantica Bot version

Update to v0.K


-Added PixelChecksumMaker for Quest / monsterInfo / VisibleGUI Checksums

-Added Memory Read for the Cursor ID's , in case it doesnt work the Buttons still exist

-Changed some visuals in the BotGUI

-Changed the Pixelchecksum to see if the ComboBox for the MonsterInfo is open

-The Bot will allways "sit" if it stops AutoMove, to refresh the Moving Memory

-The Bot uses a Bird View outside combat, which allows for some more easy targeting
Its just the start of the bird view, as it possible offers a lot more options

-Some tweaks and other changes

Get it here

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Atlantica Bot V0.i3

Latest Atlantica Bot version 0.i3 is out. All thanks to creator TheOnlyOne

Update: v0.I3

-Added a interval of checks to look for the Location Pixelchecksum,
to avoid the Flower effect that can mess with it.
-Added a "CombatInProcess" check whenever the Script moves in a Quest.
-Added variables for the PixelChecksums in visibleGUI, QuestInfo, MonsterInfo
so peops can use it to input the customized values and dont need to recompile.

-Included SuperZoom hack to get in Ego-Perspective with ZoomLevel 1, or zoom out
to a massive BirdView to watch the complete Map from the Sky.
So far extrem good for Nation Dungeons as its easy to spot moving enemies,
coord your Teams and find some missing Mobs if they are hiding (well they are insane small ofcourse).
Viewing Distance 5 needed with a big Zoom.

Remember to read and follow the instructions on setting up here.

Get Atlantica Online Bot Version V0.i3

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Alt + 4 Toggle issues

Most people have this problem when they start up their bots. The bot simply alt+4 repeatedly and does nothing else.

Solution by TheOnlyOne (Hail to the creator)

Alt+4 is allways done if the Bot wants to Pixelsearch, as it prevents it from getting Results of the GUI and it prevents it from clicking parts of the GUI it should not.

Important for this was that peops got problem with the Help Request, or it could randomly click on the Quest List if an monster was behind it (as the List is transparent) which opens the Quest Info all the time and never gets to click the Monster.

All this simply make it better to use the Alt+4, especially in combat with the Camera Position, as otherwise parts of the GUI block the View and Clicks.

The Function that says if the GUI is visible or not:

Func _checkVisibleGUI()
$pixelChecksum = PixelChecksum(6,8,9,13)
if $pixelChecksum = 3827775855 Then
return True
return False

Simply looks for a small white part of the GUI Menu on the top, if it can't get the correct CheckSum it simply assumes the GUI is not visible and clicks Alt+4 if it wants to see the GUI, the other check simply wants to "hide" the GUI and looks if its "not" visible.

So if it just keeps pressing Alt+4 you know that your coords are not the same as this here.

The easy trick is stated in the FAQ like for many other problems related to this wrong Coords.

Use the MouseSearch.exe tool to look if your upper Left corner of the Ingame Window (not the TitleBar, only the Ingame WIndow) is the 0,0 coord, and you can simply make the Pixelchecksum with the given coords.

So hover the mouse on the 6,8 coord and press F1, than hover on 9,13 and press F2, you will now have a PixelChecksum produced between this coords.
If your GUI is visible the Bot wants it to be exactly the given, if its different you have to change were the Atlantica Window is placed.

In Config.ini theirs:

$GuiMoveX = 0
$GuiMoveY = 0
$FuseGUIwithApp = 1

So you can change it to

$GuiMoveX = 0
$GuiMoveY = 5

if your Coord in upper Left is than 0,0 it should work as it should.

Direct information at http://www.elitepvpers.de/forum/korean-foreign-games/191187-atlantica-online-auto-battle-bot-175.html