Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Multiple Atlantica Online Clients on single PC

Yes, it is possible to do multiple Altantica Online clients running.


Go to your Ndoor\Atlantica\ folder
Run Atlantica.exe

and... after loading

Run Atlantica.exe again

It is advisable to set low graphics before running multiple clients, otherwise your pc might blow up. Anyway, the bot is able to function on multiple clients in a single PC, try out the Party Control GUI...

Have fun

1 comment:

  1. Bot Party Control is just a GUI and offers no functionality so far.

    A problem is that with multi clients you might need to copy your Atlantica Folder as the Client can mess Graphics and some game function if they try to use the same Files, simply because it normally doesnt want to do it.

    What the bot can do right now is that you simply party your 3 Bots together on "different" systems, than let 1 of them search for Monsters and the Others Skip searching and just "follow". Dont use Sit and just food as they dont follow in Sit.

    With this you can have 3 Bots party, but you need 3 stand alone computers for it as the Bot needs the Window to be active and has no support to run 3 Scripts on one System.