Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting the correct memory values for Zoom Hack

Open Cheat Engine

Instead of "4 Bytes" , use "Float"

Go outside of City in Central Asia.

Zoom in as much as you can, than search for Float "2".
Zoom out as much as you can, than search for Float "10".

Repeat until you get 4 values, replace them in memory.ini

After that, change the zoom level in Config.ini to 35

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Alright, there are quite a bit of changes in the version prior to Atlantica Online latest patch.

Firstly, do note that the life, sit and inventory addresses will no longer need to be copied to config.ini
Instead, they are to be written in memory.ini

The methods of retrieving the hex values remain the same.

Version L.027
Latest Version here

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Atlantica Online Bot v0.K

Latest Atlantica Bot version

Update to v0.K


-Added PixelChecksumMaker for Quest / monsterInfo / VisibleGUI Checksums

-Added Memory Read for the Cursor ID's , in case it doesnt work the Buttons still exist

-Changed some visuals in the BotGUI

-Changed the Pixelchecksum to see if the ComboBox for the MonsterInfo is open

-The Bot will allways "sit" if it stops AutoMove, to refresh the Moving Memory

-The Bot uses a Bird View outside combat, which allows for some more easy targeting
Its just the start of the bird view, as it possible offers a lot more options

-Some tweaks and other changes

Get it here